A root canal may be necessary to restore a tooth where the inner nerve has become decayed or infected. These compromised teeth are typically sensitive to temperature and pressure. It is not uncommon to experience intense pain. Although no symptoms may initially be present, an abscess will form if the decay is allowed to continue.

When confronting this type of extreme infection or decay, patients have two options: either extract the tooth or save it by performing a root canal. Extraction usually results in costly and significant dental problems for the adjacent teeth and often causes more problems than it solves. However, when you choose root canal therapy, you will not have future problems with your nearby teeth and you will once again have the full use of your tooth and mouth.

Some of the reasons Dr. Orandi may recommend a root canal include:

  • The living tissue inside the tooth has started to decay.
  • The tooth has received injury or has been traumatized.
  • An abscess or infection has developed at the root tip or inside the tooth.

The restoration that a root canal will provide usually lasts a lifetime. After the procedure, you will have full function in your tooth and mouth again.

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