In addition to your at-home oral care routine of flossing and brushing, remember to receive dental cleanings. These cleanings differ from your normal routine. During your cleaning, our team will:

  • Remove calculus (tartar) formed from plaque (to help prevent gingivitis)
  • Remove plaque (to prevent periodontal disease or gum inflammation)
  • Polish your teeth to remove surface stains and plaque
  • It is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Our team uses specialized instruments and ultrasonic tools that remove calculus and plaque more effectively than normal brushing and flossing.

In addition to your cleaning, you will receive a dental exam at your regular check-up appointments. All check-ups will include:

  • Diagnostic X-ray Exam: This exam is essential to help us detect any tumors, cysts, decay, or bone loss. These X-rays also help us determine the positions of your teeth and roots.
  • Gum disease evaluation: We will examine the bones and gums around your teeth for signs of gingivitis and periodontal disease.
  • Evaluation of tooth decay: Using specialized instruments, all of the surfaces of your teeth will be analyzed for traces of decay.
  • Inspection of existing restorations: Our team will examine your current fillings, bridges, crowns, etc. to ensure that everything is in working order.

Schedule your next dental appointment with Dr. Orandi soon to receive a comprehensive dental exam and sustain your oral health!

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